Find the right equipment for the right job.

The right A/V equipment can help augment and improve lectures, presentations, and communications


BLOOMTECH presents your guide to selecting the right A/V communication system for business.

Five Factors in Modern Conference Room Design

A/V Presentation Systems

It's important to select a display and audio system that it matched specifically with its intended purpose. Screens dedicated to viewing video should be configured and located differently than those used primarily for mirroring the text on computer screens. Audio systems in a lecture hall or presentation space designed for a single presenter should be different than those in a boardroom where all seats need to he heard.

A/V Controls and Connections

A large display, interactive whiteboard and video telecommunication system aids in collaboration and communication, but only when people can easily connect their laptops and figure out how to use the equipment. User-friendly easy operation is a key factor in all of our designs at BLOOMTECH, where we promote the use of preprogrammed automated functions that properly set everything up with the touch of a single virtual button on a tablet device. We support all standards, allowing you to easily integrate your conference room with a bring-your-own-device policy.

Space Size and Project Scope

The ability to work within an appropriately sized space is key. You don't want to hold large meetings in a room without enough chairs and there's no need for small teams to meet in a cavernous space with a giant table. Choosing a location and designing a room should be informed by the proposed use of the room. Connectivity and power can also be an issue, so be sure to plan for the maximum expected occupancy. BLOOMTECH's engineering team can help plan these types of decisions.

Lighting Control

Indirect, adjustable lighting and window coverings are an essential part of the business workspace. Our control systems include modules to control lighting scenes and motorized window shades tied in directly to each function.

Furniture and Other Furnishings

You can tell the difference between a quality conference table that will last and a less-expensive option that won't last. BLOOMTECH partners with some of the top designers to provide custom furniture and a complete space that promotes comfort, productivity and efficiency.